Generation Portfolio


Where does your power come from?

The Lamar Wind Energy Project is located about five miles east and five miles south of Lamar, and was commissioned in February, 2004. This small “wind farm” consists of four 1.5 mega-watt turbines; three owned by the Lamar Utilities Board, and the fourth owned by the Arkansas River Power Authority, a joint action agency comprised of six members, Lamar being one.
Over its short history, production from the Lamar Wind Energy Project has produced enough electricity to serve about 14-15% of our total energy needs. It has had a respectable capacity factor range of 32-33%, and a reliability factor of over 95%.
The Lamar Wind Energy Project is proving to be an important component of our generation resources. We believe the benefits of owning our own renewable energy resource will only increase as time goes by.
Lamar Light and Power receives certain allocations of federal hydropower supplied by the Western Area Power Administration, a Federal agency operating under the Department of Energy that markets and transmits wholesale electrical power from 56 Federal hydropower plants. Our allocation comes from the Colorado River Storage Project and is effective through September 30, 2057. Approximately 8% of the electricity sold to you, our consumers, comes from hydroelectric power. The Arkansas River Power Authority also has contracts effective through September 30, 2054 for purchasing certain allocations of federal hydropower.